Funny how life keeps it moving.  You take your eye off the ball and, when you get back, things have moved onto a newer, more exciting space.  Guitarist Yohimbe Sampson is a great example of that.  Here’s the deal:

Before we fell into that long sleep, Yohimbe was the fiery lead guitarist for one of our favorite groups, the rap/rock outfit Game Rebellion.  For whatever reason, the group disbanded.  Anyway, fast forward to summer 2016, former bandleader Netic is hosting his own podcast, This Message Will Self-Destruct.  And Yohimbe is now part of the duo Meridian Lights, which he started with the expressive and evocative singer Bradley Valentin as Game Rebellion was going through its transition.

Meridian Lights’ music is songwriter-driven mix of rock, soul, world and electronica, as particularly evidenced in the track below.  “Im Gonna Go,” is part of the wonderfully curated Love The Free, Vol. 3 mixtape by DJ Kitty Cash.  You can listen to the mixtape via NPR here.  We’re still digging into the 90-minute mix, which features tracks from Raury, St. Beauty, Bosco, and Lion Babe, to name a few.

In the meantime, check out Meridian Lights’ Bandcamp page for more music.  We particularly like “Bombs” and “Forever” from the Meridian Lights album, but really solid stuff all around.

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