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We recently discovered this jazzy “cover” of Desiigner’s trap anthem “Panda” by Ghanaian-Nigerian singer Adomaa.  We’re using the air quotes since it’s not a straight cover.  Rather, Adomaa and her songwriting team have flipped the story around and made it from the point of view of a woman who finds out he’s not the guy she thought he was.  Basically, she’s lifted the chorus, so it’s more “inspired by” or homage than cover.

That said, Adomaa knows how to turn on the charm.  She comes across as adorable, flirty, but proper. A great combination, we’d say.  And, it’s a nice spin back to the days of answer records, when women would respond to a male rapper’s song, putting two or more songs into a public conversation.  The Roxanne Wars most readily come to mind?  Only this conversation is transatlantic.

Anyway, as a point of comparison, here’s Desiigner’s original joint.  Enjoy.

Shout out to TheJeli for putting us onto this.

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