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I’m Rob Fields, and I launched Boldaslove.us in February 2007.  I started this blog after a varied career in PR and marketing for both corporate and arts organizations, as well as being a blogger on marketing and popular culture.  In the mid-90s I was the Director of PR for the Black Rock Coalition, which provided a deep immersion into the vision of black rock as a transforming and inspirational force  in American culture.  You can read more about my story here.

While still focusing on music, these days its about highlighting global urban creators and curators across the arts, culture, media and business.  As is the case when I write for sites beyond this blog, my goal in a speech or presentation is to convey to your audience my excitement for the cultural shift that’s taking place.  I connect the growth of how broader forces at play in American culture and society are impacting urban creative output.

Some sample topics that I can address:

  • Black rock: Why it matters now
  • Black rock and the cultural shift
  • Past is prologue: The history of the black musical future
  • Who is the black rock audience?
  • The evolving urban mindset: It’s not just hip hop

As well, having been a blogger since 2004, I am equally comfortable talking to you audience on any of the following topics

  • Blogging
  • Building an audience with social media
  • Cultural activism in the digital age
  • Following your passion

Click here to contact me about speaking for your organization.  We’ll work out fees, timing and other logistics.  Please include as much pertinent information as possible so that I’ll understand the context of the event in which you’d like me to speak.

Past Speaking Engagements

subCentric// Restoration Rocks from Centric TV on Vimeo.

Artist interviews for CentricTV at the 2010 Restoration Rocks Festival

An excerpt from my 2010 SXSW panel where I interviewed punk band Death.

Launch of the BoldasLIVE event series in July 2007. Remarks on the cultural shift towards black rock, and why it’s manifesting now more than ever.

BoldasLIVE event series, September 2007. My thoughts on how to make progressive culture matter in the marketplace.

Additional Speaking

In The Media


Boldaslove.us is EbonyJet.com’s editor’s pick

NPR Interviews

Interview in Purple Magazine: Page 1
and Page 2

Arise Magazine article on Afro-Punk (Download Afro Punk_arise_interview):

“Afro-punk draws from the full spectrum of black music and music in general,” explains black rock evangelist and music marketer Rob Fields. “It’s a direct challenge to the simple notion that black music equals hip hop and/or R&B.”

Interview on Afronerd Radio

Interview on the Portland, Oregon KBOO-FM show “Guess Who’s Coming To Radio?”

CLICK HERE to contact me about speaking for your organization. I look forward to sharing my insights and perspective with your audience!