Free Music! presents The Getaway (2010)

Here’s something to start your weekend off right!

Shout out to Qool DJ Marv and The Mighty G-man for handling the mix. These two brothas make mighty cool mixes. Philly meets NYC in Harlem and timeless mixtapes featuring enduring music emerges. Marv’s been spinning around the globe for at least a decade, and you can hear G-Man on Saturday nights with Jay Smooth on WBAI’s Underground Railroad, one of the longest-running and most respected hip hop shows on radio. I’m proud to say that Marv and G-Man have done a killer mix of some of hottest summer sounds from the new black imagination.

I know I hadn’t said much about this. One day, I was musing on Twitter that I was thinking about a summer mixtape. G-man responded right away. And since I’ve known him and Marv for a minute, it was a no-brainer. We all met, I gave them the music that I was feeling, and they did the rest.

So, here’s what we put together: Almost 80 minutes of music and it’s available as either a 192kbps file (about 109MB) or a 320kbps version (about 190MB), which is a little higher quality for the part-time audiophiles out there. Now, if you’re really wanting a lossless file, go here and send me a note, and I can get you a .wav file that will be over 800MB.

Here’s the track listing. Goes without saying, but if you like what you hear, support these artists.

  1. Blind – Game Rebellion
  2. Warrior Bones – Tamar-kali
  3. So What Am I (Sunday Night Res) – Res
  4. Shooting Holes – Twin Shadow
  6. Mojuba – Melvin Gibbs’ Elevated Entity
  7. Godda Get It – No Surrender
  8. Huff + Puff – Just A Band
  9. Hypen (part 1) – Peekaboo Theory
  10. Crazy – The 54
  11. Box – Shelley Nicole’s blaKbushe
  12. Burned Bridges – Living Colour
  13. Ghost and the Witness – Earl Greyhound
  14. Come Alive (The War of The Roses) – Janelle Monae
  15. Lazy Daze – J*Davey
  16. Paradise Circus – Massive Attack
  17. Hyphen (part 2) – Peekaboo Theory

So, got a long drive ahead? A lot of errands to run this weekend? This is the perfect soundtrack, if I do say so myself, and I think you’ll agree.

Download it now! presents: Fire In The Dark (2009)

This is the site’s first compilation, available exclusively through It’s 17 tracks that show the range of sounds coming out of the global black rock community.

Here’s what Okayplayer had to say about the compilation:

. . . Fire in the Dark compiles a broad and radical, yet cohesive and distinctly black array of musical offerings that does challenge perceptions on contemporary articulations of the African American musical legacy. And the challenge comes in a loud, passionate and measured package. . . the album gives an uncompromising illustration of the ability of music born from the black experience to transcend traditional industry conceptions and artistic complacency. An inspired and intrepid hour.

You can check out the full review here.


  1. Never Goin’ Home Again — Honeychild Coleman
  2. Raw — Sabatta
  3. Freedom Is Over — Sophia Ramos
  4. Everybody — Divisible
  5. Take Me Away — theCaesarz
  6. Dope Sagittarius — Dope Sagittarius
  7. Blak Girls — Shelley Nicole’s blaKbushe
  8. On Planet Earth — California King
  9. U, Alone and I — Otto Fischer
  10. Icon — Nerdkween
  11. Ocean — Tamar-kali
  12. The Last Time We’re Here — The Family Stand
  13. Fear of Numbers — Milk Plus
  14. Slowly — Faith
  15. Tether — Tenderhead
  16. Capitulo del Mago — Chewing Pics
  17. The Ballad of Fletcher Reade — The Smyrk

Ready to download it? Then CLICK HERE!